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A Stranger At The Bar

A Stranger At The Bar _ Unsound Mind Lore Card


never imagined that a chance encounter at a bar would have such dire consequences. How can I face you directly, burdened with this secret I must carry?

The weight of the truth is crushing, but I dare not reveal it, for I am unsure of how it will shatter the bonds we share. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?

We have been friends for so long, and yet I find myself entangled in this web of deceit. I had no knowledge of your relationship; it blindsided me as much as it did you. Please, understand my position.

My heart screams to confide in you, to lay bare the truth that gnaws at my conscience. But fear holds me back, trapping the words within my trembling lips.

You deserve to know, to have the truth laid bare before you. However, deep down, I fear that forgiveness may never find its way into your wounded heart.

In the end, perhaps it is best if I seal my lips, locking this secret away forever. It pains me to consider it, but perhaps some secrets are destined to be carried to the grave.

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