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Dearest Sister: Entry I

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hen I learned the true nature of my situation, I was devastated. I thought coming back home to you and mom would be in the cards for me, but I was wrong. 

Lord Shazar keeps a tight leech on all of us, and I fear that this letter could be the first and maybe the very last time you'll ever hear from me, for I have made countless attempts to escape Lord Shazar's captivity.

And doing such a thing is very detrimental to one's well-being because my lord doesn't react kindly to people who try to leave. 

My lord is a ruthless and powerful man. We get thrown in the box for every littlest thing. I can't afford to get caught trying to escape again.

God, Sister, I wish you were here to comfort and guide me like you always do. Sister, I fear that I'm losing myself.

It's funny to think that I'm in this dire situation because of them. I know you haven't caught wind of what they did, so I'm not going to take away their perfect image from you.

But I deserve better, Izi. WE deserve better.

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