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Dearest Sister: Entry II

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Izanagi reads through the letter, engulfed in confusion, she has this weird feeling that she can't quite shake. For she and Lydia only know of two people, and that's their parents. For a brief moment, she lets Lydia's words slip through the cracks of her mind, and she begins to think as if she has complete proof that her parents are actually the cause of Lydia's suffering.

Startled by the revelations that her parents were the sole culprit to her younger sister's abduction, an immediate wave of fear consumed Izanagi.

Tears begin to flow down her face. Shrouded in disbelief, Izanagi starts to write back to Lydia. "No, it can't be, Lydia." Says Izanagi. "Mom and dad cared for both equally. Dad is always out trying to make ends meet for our little family, so why would he turn around and do something this damaging to us?" Sister, I know the situation is unfathomably tricky for you, and I can't begin to imagine how you're feeling right now, but saying that our loving parents cause this would be wrong."

"Mom is gutted over losing you, and she holds herself responsible for your abduction. She stops eating, won't talk to dad or me, and is losing a lot of weight fast. From the look of it, she's doing that to punish herself. Do you see, Lydia? Our parents would never do something like that to us, but I'm sure you know King Richard would. The kingdom stands to gain a lot from your abduction. Lydia, you're just a young girl, but I know you have a full understanding of how the world works. How our kingdom functions."

"Do you see how they condescending to us poor people, Lydia? They have filled the backside of the kingdom where we live with radioactive waste. People are dying of cancer. Where you and I call home is nothing but a dumping site for those upper-class people. It takes you getting abducted for me to see the truth about this kingdom. The king doesn't care about us."

Feeling she needed to take a breather, Izanagi stopped for a second, and then she membered Jack Axton, the young man who had delivered the letter to her. 

"Your friend Axton told me that you're one of the kingdom's young merchants now. I guess it now makes sense how they've acquired all those young people for selling provision at the market. But don't you worry, Lydia, because you won't stay there for too long. I will do everything in my power to remove you under Lord Shazar's thumb. Even if it kills me."

Feeling immensely distraught about her sister' situation, Izanagi's writing has drawn to a halt, for she felt like her mother should explain the mystery behind Lydia's abduction. Hunched with sadness but not expelled from any anger over her sister's loss, Izanagi slowly retreated inside the house to question her mother.

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