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Ladie Rhias

Ladie Rhias is a content creator in the Machinima community. She joined the community in 2020 and started releasing the Sims 4 Voice Over series, Unsound Mind. Along with her creative endeavors, Ladie is also a co-founder of Mencere Entertainment, a Machinima production company specializing in creating sims machinimas for youtube. In addition to her own projects, she occasionally lends her voice acting skills to other creators in the community. With a passion for storytelling and a dedication to quality content, Ladie has made the Machinima community her home.

Most Popular

Director/Voice Actor

Personal Info

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Pronouns: She/Her
From: New Jersey
Languages: English - Fluent

Girl Sin, Sims Next Top Model, Great Height, Vice, Super Rich Lies, Revenge Syndrom, Invisible, All or Nothing, Unsound Mind, Milf, Facade, Bianca and Expeditious

Known For


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