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Beyond the Mic: Richard Camfield's Journey as The Rich Voices

In the vibrant world of Sims Machinima, where imagination and creativity intertwine, there is a prominent figure who continuously leaves a lasting impression - Richard Camfield, known by his moniker "The Rich Voices." Based in the United Kingdom, Richard has made a name for himself as a versatile voice actor, lending his vocal talents to Machinimas, video games, and narration projects. With a knack for portraying villains and a passion for gamin, Richard has captivated audiences with his rich and compelling performances. Beyond his professional endeavors, he is also a proud husband and devoted cat dad, adding a touch of warmth to his multifaceted persona.

With over 20 projects under his belt, Richard's list is a testament to his commitment and talent. While he primarily focuses on Machinima, he has also contributed his voice to several video games and ventured into narration. The breadth of his experience highlights his versatility and adaptability in bringing characters to life.

Richard's genuine love for the craft is commendable. When asked about his passion for voice acting, he explains that it is "Simply the opportunity to pretend to be many different people." The ability to immerse himself in various roles and bring them to life truly captivates him. This innate desire to embody different personalities drives him to continually explore and perfect his voice-acting skills.

Surprisingly, Richard's journey into the world of voice acting was a recent development. "Becoming a VA was a relatively recent thing from about 7-8 years ago (my mid 30s). Before then I was kind of drifting, but once I got my first opportunity, there was no looking back. I have to learn everything I can about this magical world. It's never the same experience twice" says Richard.

Regarding his inspirations, Richard looks up to voice actors like Sam Witwer, known for his remarkable performances in the "Force Unleashed" Star Wars games and "Days Gone." Witwer's versatility, acting prowess, and even his musical talents make him a relatable and admirable figure for Richard. He also cites Allie Goodell, also known as TheOnlyException, as an inspiration due to her incredible talent. "She is crazy talented, and I don't even think she realizes how much. She is an inspiration," says Richard. Detective Magnotta is also another fantastic voice actor that leaves Richard in awe. "Detective Magnotta infuriates me with how natural he sounds. I want to be able to produce what he produces with seeming ease." And, of course, Richard pays homage to EasyMacVA, whom he is a huge fan of.

When it comes to the voice acting process, Richard emphasizes the importance of repetition. Before recording, he meticulously reread the lines until they became ingrained in his memory. Once he feels comfortable, he adds accents and works on maintaining consistency throughout. Finally, he incorporates any specific direction for the scene, the character's personality, and traits. After thoroughly preparing, he records two to three takes, selecting the one that best fits the setting.

Reflecting on his journey, Richard recalls two standout experiences in his voice acting career. He fondly remembers his first regular role as Principal Spectre in the original Serenville series, although he admits his American accent at the time was less than stellar. While voice acting brings immense joy and fulfillment to Richard's life, he acknowledges that learning new accents can be the most challenging aspect of his craft. Mastering the intricacies of different accents requires extensive exposure to native speakers and a deep understanding of the appropriate slang and nuances.

In Richard Camfield, we find a passionate voice actor who pours his heart and soul into his performances. With each project, he continues to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact. As The Rich Voices, he takes us on a journey where imagination knows no bounds and characters come alive. With his talent, dedication, and unwavering passion, Richard Camfield is a force to be reckoned with in voice acting, particularly in the sim's machinima community.


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