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Saint Machinima

Saint Machinima, an emerging Sims 4 voiceover series creator, has carved a niche in the community. His creative journey took flight with the adaptation of his self-authored book, "Broken Matters," into the Sims 4 universe. Renowned for his distinctive style, Saint Machinima crafts a dark ambiance with flawless voiceover work. His creations stand out for their intricate plots, graphic violence, and exploration of sensitive themes – a departure from series targeting a younger audience. Saint Machinima distinguishes itself through an unconventional approach, setting a new standard for mature and sophisticated content within the Sims 4 community. His series immerses viewers in a captivating realm, transcending the typical boundaries of the Sims universe.


Personal Info

  • YouTube

From: Germany
Languages: English, French and German

Known For


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