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That Pest

That Pest _ Unsound Mind Lore Card


remember when we met, I thought we would get along. But things took a turn for the worse when you frequently visited my house even when I was not there."

Her: Why are you here?

Her "Friend": Oh, your mom just invited me over. She had something to show me.

Her: you can’t just come here whenever you feel like it. Get out. 

Her "Friend": Oh, uh, sorry. I’ll be leaving now.

Her Mother: My dear, you don’t need to go. We haven’t finished that movie.

Her: you were watching movies? How come you don’t watch movies with me.

Her Mother: Hush, come on, my sweet child

"I just could not understand what that wicked woman saw in you, and I still don’t. Why do people fall in love with you so quickly and not me? Even the one I share blood with gets more love and compassion than me.


Why is that? Why can’t I be loved? Is there something about myself that I’m not aware of, but others know?"

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