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The Avlu (The Yard)

The Avlu (The Yard)

Deniz is shot by her husband's daughter when she is subjected to violence by her husband. Taking charge of the sea crime, he is sent to prison. Deniz, who wants to reach her daughter, gets help from Azra and her group, whom she met in prison. Headmistress Nihal, learning about this situation, tries to question Deniz, but can't find anything. Headmistress Nihal gets Azra's mortal enemy Kudret out of solitary confinement in order to control Azra. Kudret tries to attract Deniz to his side, but Deniz does not accept it. Deniz's husband, Hakan, withdraws his complaint. Meanwhile, Kudret is planning to take down Azra in that mess by starting a fight in the prison. After the fight breaks out, things get mixed up. Deniz, who is short of his date, finds himself in a fight. Kudret ambushes Azra, while Headmistress Nihal is killed by an unknown person. Searching for the child entrusted to her, Deniz suddenly finds herself next to the corpse of Headmistress Nihal.

Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller | Sims 4 Machinima Voice Over Series | 2019

Azra Kaya, Kudret Öztürk, Zerrin Şahin

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