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The Change In Me

average rating is 3 out of 5

The love tale which has been depicted by numerous stories and epic movies is now a reality. Believed in the power of love, two young people Mason and Joselyn became one flesh. The moment the 365th day knocked the door, every fact that was brushed under the mat, with the belief of power of love, started to show up. Is the happiness that both sides have sought genuinely hidden in the person they see in front of themselves? If so, why hasn't this happiness found them last year? Has Joselyn made a mistake by marrying the first person she's fallen in love with? Could the woman Mason sees in front of himself be a depiction of his subconscious? In the midst of the chaos created by all these questions, these two young people will come face-to-face with themselves a year later. Yet, there are 2 other questions they forgot to answer while running after the other ones. Did they marry each other to achieve happiness? And does love always equate to happiness?

Psychological drama | Drama | Voice Over Machinima Series | 2021