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The Rich Voices! iMachinima.png

The Rich Voices (Richard Camfield)

I'm a UK based Voice Actor featured in Machinima and Video Games. I can usually be found voicing the bad guy. When not talking to myself in a padded room, chances are I'll be playing video games and occasionally streaming them too.


Also a happy husband and cat dad!

Most Popular

Voice Actor

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Personal Info

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Pronouns: He/Him
From: London, UK
Language(s): English

The Trickster, House of Goth, Great Heights, Unsound Mind, The Walking Dead, Ward University, Raison D'etre, Memories of a Siren, Magister, Loaded Gun, Fly Away, Attack of the Cow Plants, Blue Moon, A Simsmas carol, The Rivers, The Kenopsia Effect, Serenville Stories: InvisibleSerenville

Known For

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