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The Things That Hurt

The Things That Hurt _ Unsound Mind Lore Card


nce, it was you and me against the world—a friendship forged in unbreakable ties. But somewhere along the way, the fabric of our connection unraveled, leaving me to question: what went wrong?


I always knew we were friends, and I cherished that bond. Yet, deep within my heart, I carried a love for you that silently grew over time. I yearned for you to notice, to see the affection hidden behind every word and every gesture. But it was as if you existed in a world of your own, oblivious to the emotions I held so dear.

Then, she came into your life, and everything changed. In her presence, I became a mere shadow, forgotten and left behind. Our shared moments dwindled, and the joy of your company slipped away. You believed she needed you more than I did, and without a second thought, you traded our precious connection for another person's embrace.

As you took your vows and embarked on the journey of marriage, you turned to me for counsel on the heartache of infertility. I knew in my heart that settling for less was not the answer, and I urged you to consider a different path. But you turned a deaf ear to my pleas, repeatedly seeking my advice on the matter. In a desperate attempt to guide you towards a better outcome, I played a role, pretending to forget our previous discussions and offering varied perspectives. Alas, none of my suggestions ever bore fruit.

Hopeful that a child would mend our fractured bond, I made a choice to bring life into this world. I believed that if I could provide you with your heart's deepest desire, you would finally see me and love me. Yet, despite your affectionate treatment of Caleb, you remained blind to the love that resided within my soul. It was the greatest agony I have ever endured—to watch you adore the child but never cast a glance in my direction.

I never demanded anything from you, while she demanded everything. How could you not see that she was merely using you? Now, it feels futile to dwell on the past since you are no longer with us. But I can't escape the haunting thought that you might still be alive today if you had never met her.

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